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Monday to Saturday : 10am – 9pm

Sunday : 11am – 6pm

Please call the store (603-888-4400) for confirmation.

Piercer Schedule 

From 03/14/2020 - 03/22/2020


 Saturday (03/14) : 12pm - 8pm

Sunday (03/15) : 12pm - 4pm

Monday (03/16), Tuesday (03/17) : 12pm - 8pm

 Wednesday (03/18): 2pm - 8pm 

Thursday (03/19) :  5pm - 8pm

Friday (03/20), Saturday (03/21) : 12pm - 8pm

Sunday (03/22) : 12pm - 4pm

* Piercing hours are subject to change at any time without any notice.

 ** Please call the store (603-888-4400) for confirmation.

*** We DO NOT provide jewelry change service on any Public Holidays and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We are piercing by appointment only, which can be scheduled ONLY through our website or our Facebook page.

We resumed jewelry changes on Mondays and Tuesdays , ONLY, from 12pm-5pm

no appointment needed. Please call the store before coming to make sure the piercer is available.


Monday - Thursday  : 11am - 8pm 

Friday - Saturday : 10am - 9pm

 Sunday : 11am - 6pm

Required Age For Piercings (at Body Art):

  • 12+: Earlobes and Cartilages ONLY (Excluding: Nostril, Helix, Tragus, Daith, Rook, Navel, Industrial,...)
  • 14+: Nostril, Mouth, Ear, Eyebrow, Navel, Lip (Excluding: Dermals, Nipples and Cheeks)
  • 18+: Any Piercing

Documents required for piercing a Minor 12+

In compliance with State of New Hampshire Law (N.H Rev. Stat. # 314-A:8) All three documents are required in Original Form.

1) Photo ID For Child : a picture with name (Passport, Permit, School ID, Year Book,...)

2) Photo ID for Parent / Legal Guardian

3) Original Birth Certificate with both Child and Parent names. For Legal Guardian, Legal documents are required to show guardianship.

* As per the State Law, Parent / Legal Guardian has to be Physically present at the time of Piercing.

Documents required for piercing an Adult: a photo ID

Contact us:


Body Art

Pheasant Lane Mall

310 Daniel Webster Hwy

Nashua, NH, 03060


(603) 888-4400